Cardiovascular System

The Basics...

The cardiovascular (circulatory) system uses the heart as a pump to move nutrients, gases, and waste to and from cells. The system also transports immune system cells to help fight diseases.

External Links...

Anatomy of the Heart
Parts of the Heart & Circulation
Fetal Circulation - a nice animation of fetal and post-natal circulation and a post-test to see if you 'got it'.
Heart Murmurs
Congenital Heart Defects 1
Congenital Heart Defects 2
Univ. of Washington Heart Sounds
The Auscultation Assistant
Blood Pressure - read all about blood pressure here and then take the quizzes located here.
Heart Sounds, EKG and Arrhythmias
ECG Simulator - this is a very cool ekg simulator to view various electrocardiograms and then test yourself. (their main site has good stuff too (skillstat)
Pacemakers - good explanation of how pacemakers work and what newer pacemakers can do.
Heart Attack 1
Heart Attack 2
Heart Animations
Heart Animations & Videos - site is a little confusing but has some great animations & videos - use the search box to find what you want.
Cardiac Cycle Animation
HHMI Cardiology Virtual Lab
Heart Practice Test

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