Comparing Nations

Is life expectancy higher in countries with more money? Is math achievement related to HIV rates? Does a country's carbon emissions correlate to its cancer rate? These are among the hundreds or thousands of questions that can be asked and examined using the amazing Gapminder.org website.

Your task...

  1. Go to the GAPMINDER web site (www.gapminder.org)
  2. Select GAPMINDER world
  3. On one of the graph axes, choose the ‘Health’ category and choose any subcategory you wish.
  4. Plot this health indicator vs. any other indicator you wish (it can be another health indicator or some other indicator)
    • For example: one might plot Total GDP (under economy) vs. Infant mortality (under health). The health indicator may be on the X or Y axis, whichever is correct for your plot.
    • Note the third indicator of Population Total as shown by the size of each country's plot circle. You can change this too if another indicator makes more sense.
    • Slide the year slide (or click the ‘play’ button) to observe how the graph changes over time (e.g. 1960 – 2005)
  5. Interpret the meaning of your graph throughout the years
  6. Create an engaging 5-10 minute presentation to teach your classmates what you have discovered in your research. You should use the Gapminder site during your presentation.

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