Go to the following website…


Click on ‘Codes & Ciphers‘ at the top and read through the material. Be sure to look at the various types of ciphers under the ‘Make a Cipher‘ section, and the ‘Language Rules‘ under the ‘Breaking Ciphers‘ section. Write these tips in your notebook. You will be asked to apply your skills at breaking ciphers so be sure you understand the techniques used.

After you read through the Codes and Ciphers section, click on Games & Activities at the bottom. Then complete the ‘Cryptograms‘ link (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Pay particular attention to the 'advanced' problem. Once you have completed those, complete the 5 problems in the ‘Yardleygrams‘ section.

When you are finished with that site, use the link below to study and understand XOR Encryption. XOR encryption is very useful to encrypt binary data stored in a computer.

XOR Encryption


XOR Encryption

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