Genetics and Epidemiology

This is the wiki page for my Genetics & Epidemiology class. Here is where you will start your journey of discovery about what makes each form of life on this planet different, special, and yet intimately related on a biochemical level. We will investigate how some forms of life (e.g. microbes) can make life better, through symbiosis, or more difficult, through disease, for humans. We will also see how our bodies fight off infections and how your genetics can inform doctors and scientists to help better predict disease and tailor treatments specifically for you. And speaking of disease, we will also investigate a variety of diseases and model how they may spread. So feel free to dive in and explore!

Comparing Nations
DNA Fingerprinting
Gender Determination
Genetics and Epidemiology Research - some interesting research findings
Geniverse - use this link to access the Geniverse Portal
Genomic Methods - various techniques to analyze genomes
Epidemiological Studies - the ideas and terminology behind the various ways to conduct studies in epidemiology
Morbidity and Mortality - data to determine the top causes of death in the world
Pharmacogenetics - learn how science tries to select medicines for your specific haplotype
Name Collection Form - you must be logged in to your Charter Google account before you click the link.
Punnett Squares

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