Handwriting Analysis

The Basics...

What is handwriting analysis?
Forensic handwriting analysis, or questioned document analysis, involves analyzing the characteristics of an individual's writing style and comparing that to a questioned writing sample to determine if the same person wrote both documents (or signatures). This is not the same as 'graphology' - where a person 'analyzes' your handwriting to determine your personality profile.

External Links

Handwriting Comparison - this La Trobe University site contains an insane amount of information on handwriting analysis. For more basic information, complete the lesson below.


How does one analyze handwriting samples to check for forgeries? Complete the following to learn all about Questioned Document Analysis.

  1. Go to this site to read about the theory behind handwriting analysis and to run a cool mini-experiment to demonstrate the 'programmed' nature of our own handwriting. Also take a look at the famous cases, the sample report, and at the various applications of handwriting analysis.
  2. Go to this site to read more on handwriting and forgeries. Be sure to click on the links entitled, "describing specific features of handwriting" and "comparing handwriting".
  3. Finally, you can go to this site to participate in a handwriting verification test. Or you can simply go there to look at a number of samples and test yourself to see if you can determine whether items were written by the same individual or different individuals.

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