Statistics and Microscopy Quiz

You will have a quiz on Wednesday, May 27 on statistics and on microscopy (parts, general use, determining total magnification, etc).  For the statistics part, given a scenario you will have to be able to determine the correct statistical test and choose an appropriate graph.  You will also have to be able to properly interpret the pertinent values for a given statistical test (e.g. p-value, R value).  You will not have to calculate the p-value, just be able to interpret it.

STEM Chapter 1 2014b

Read chapter 1 in the STEM book.  You will use this to start to generate possible ideas for your own research project.  Remember that you will be designing your own research project next year and continue that into your junior year.  This will help you start that process.

Answer the chapter questions on page 11.  For question #3, you should complete the Student Handout #1 on page 14 for each of your top three research ideas.  Therefore, in the end, you will have 3 different possible research ideas and 3 completed Student Handout #1 sheets (pg. 14) – one Student Handout for each idea.  Complete these in your notebook and bring them to class to be checked.

Due: Wednesday, 5/27/15 in class