Friday 4/24/15 Student Work

I will not be in school today.  I have listed below what each class should accomplish.  If you do not finish this material in class, you should complete it for homework.

  1. Anatomy
    1. Take quiz on organ functions.
    2. CompletetheHHMICariology Virtual Lab
      1. This can be found on the laptop under the Anatomy & Neuroscience folder on the ‘desktop’ – it works best in Internet Explorer
      2. This can also be found online here..
        2. You should try the laptop version first
      3. You will need sound for this so make sure your laptop has the sound working
      4. You can work in groups on one laptop
  2. ISR
    1. Complete the ‘Searching for Scientific Studies’ Google Doc
      1. For step 4 remember to input the question I assigned you in class
    2. Finish for homework if you do not complete it in class
  3. Genetics & Epidemiology
    1. Learn about DNA Fingerprinting and Gel Electrophoresis by going to my wiki page and completing the activities listed on that page
    2. You already did the karyotype activity listed in number 5, so you don’t have to repeat that
    3. Finish for homework if you don’t finish during class

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