Genetics Background 2014

Since we have a diverse group of students, ranging from sophomores to seniors and starting biology to completed AP biology, it is important that we all have a fundamental background in genetics to start building from.  So each of you should go to the DNA From the Beginning website and complete items 1-24.  Items 1-14 are under the heading “Classical Genetics” and items 15-24 are under the heading “Molecules of Genetics”.  You should see these on the right side of the browser window.  For each item you should, at least, view the ‘Concept’, go through the ‘Animation’ and complete the ‘Problem’ as a self-test.  You can look at more for each if you want (e.g. Gallery, Video, etc…), but the Concept, Animation and Problem should be good enough for most of them.  This is a considerable amount of material so you should do a little bit each night or you will be overwhelmed at the end.

The website is located at:

Due: 11/13/14

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