ISR Intro Homework 2014b

You should complete the following items for homework:

  1. Read the course syllabus located on my ISR website page.
  2. Save paper by electronically signing the syllabus by completing the Google Form located here (you must be logged into your Charter Google account to access the form).  The form requires both a student and parent signature.
  3. Read “The World Needs Thinkers” on the main page of my website (be sure to click the ‘read more’ link to get the whole article).  Write down 3-5 interesting facts you learn in the article and be prepared to discuss this information at our next class meeting.
  4. Obtain a check for $24 for your STEM Research book.  The check should be payable to The Charter School of Wilmington. (you can also bring cash)

Due: Friday, 1/23/15

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