Neuroscience Tests and Projects

Listed below is our schedule of due dates for the remainder of the year.  If you miss class due to AP exams or other school-related functions, it is your responsibility to get the notes from a classmate and/or see me for help and/or to schedule a date and time to makeup the missed test.

  1. NeuroCurrents article due on Tuesday, 5/5/15.  Make sure you have included appropriate citations in APA format for any text material and for any pictures.  Pictures should be free use (with modification).
  2. Test on Thursday, 5/7/15, on all information covered this year.  Extra emphasis will be on the information since the last test, including notes about the brain and spinal cord, Dr. Edelsohn’s lectures on various disorders, readings from the Brain Facts book, and information about cord level sensory, motor and reflex testing.  The cranial nerves and special senses will not be on this test.
  3. Test on Wednesday, 5/13/15, on the cranial nerves and special senses and any other relevant information.

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