Nutrition and Why We Need to Eat 2014

Complete the spreadsheet that was shared with you in your Google Drive titled, “Why Do We Need To Eat”.  The document is shared with each member of your table group so you will complete it together.

  • For the ‘Good Sources’ column name 3 good food sources for that item
  • For the ‘Named Examples’ column
    • Give 3 examples each of named carbohydrates, proteins and lipids found in the body.
    • For the vitamins, give the name of the vitamin if it has one.  If it does not have one then just leave it blank.  For example, Vitamin B1 is also called thiamine.
  • For the ‘Disorders’ columns – name the disorder and give a few symptoms/problems the person will have as a result.  Some items will not have an associated problem if you take too much – if that is the case then type ‘none’ in that box.
  • Nothing will go in the two rows that are labeled ‘Vitamins’ or ‘Minerals’ – they are just header rows for the items beneath them.

Due: G & H period: Tuesday, 11/18/14; D period: Wednesday, 11/19/14

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