Patterns in Data Tutorial and Practice

As you read in Chapter 8, researchers will often graph their data to show trends or correlations etc…

To get an even better feel for important graph types, how they are used, and how they are interpreted please go to the following site:

On the left side you will see 8 subtopics under ‘Charts and graphs’.  The first is ‘Patterns in data’ and the last is ‘Comparing data sets’.  Work through all 8 of these topics.  There are videos associated with each topic if that is helpful to you, but you do not have to watch each one if you are understanding the reading, examples and practice problems.  But remember that they are there to help you if you need it.

We will be applying all of this information (descriptive statistics, graphs, and eventually inferential statistics) to experiments throughout the rest of the course, so it is very important that you understand these things now!!

Complete by Wednesday, 3/4/15

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