Torso Visceral Practical 2014

Your task: To correctly replace all of the internal organs back into the supplied torso and correctly state the function(s) of each replaced organ and other assigned items. You will have 2 minutes to complete the task.

Your grade: You will start with 100 points. You will lose 1 point per second for each second over 2 minutes. You will lose 5 points for each incorrectly stated function but you may correct yourself prior to finishing and receive full credit. If you get 3 or more functions incorrect, the clock will continue to run until you have corrected yourself to only have 2 or fewer errors. Therefore, the clock will only stop when both of the following conditions are met:

  • you have correctly named and replaced all the organs
  • you have no more than 2 errors in stating the functions of all the organs

If you replace all the organs and state their functions within 2 minutes you will earn a 100%.

Practice:  We will not spend class time practicing. You will need to find your own time to come and practice – e.g. activity period, during your study hall, lunch, before school, after school, etc…. You have two weeks to prepare. Be gentle with the torso, you do not need to force any of the parts. If you are forcing it then you are probably wrong!

You will take the practical during activity period or after school – see me for the sign up sheet.

The practical begins on Thursday, October 16, 2014 and continues through Thursday, October 23, 2014.

Anatomy Infomercial 2014

Your group will design its own infomercial for a product of your choice. The product may already exist or you may invent your own. The infomercial and product must be rated for television, so keep it clean! This assignment is an opportunity for you to practice your terminology so you will remember it better. Therefore the infomercial must contain

at least 35 terminology words.

These words may already exist or you may combine your own prefixes, word roots and suffixes to make up your own words. You can also use body regions, body planes, body structures etc…  These words should flow throughout the presentation, not be clumped into one part. Additionally, you should follow these rules:

  • Presentation is 8-12 minutes. You will be penalized if you go under 8 minutes or over 12 minutes (even by 1 second!) – television time is precious and adhered to strictly – the tv station would cut you off.
  • Your group must type the final script and hand it in before your presentation. Each terminology term should be in bold and underlined.
  • You must memorize your parts – you may not have your script in front of you.
  • A group member may hold up cue cards ‘off camera’ but they must also participate on camera>
  • Everyone must participate!
  • You should accentuate each term when you use it in your skit.
  • Optional – you may videotape it ahead of time **
  • You should be excited about your product – I should wonder how I ever lived without it!

** = I have higher expectations for pre-taped versions!

Due:  Monday, 9/22/14

4th Quarter Tests and the Final Exam Schedule

Each of my classes will have their last exam for the 4th quarter on the following day…

Period B Forensics – Tuesday, 5/13

Period C Neuroscience – Tuesday, 5/13

Period D Genetics & Epidemiology – Tuesday, 5/13

Period E Forensics – Wednesday, 5/14

Period G Anatomy – Wednesday, 5/14

Period H Anatomy – Wednesday, 5/14

This test is in addition to any other projects that are due.

Remember that all students will take the final exam together with the seniors during the week of 5/19.  The final exam schedule for the week of 5/19 is as follows:

Senior Exam Schedule:

D & A Exams on Monday, May 19th: Block D (7:49 am – 9:09 am) & Block A (9:13 am – 10:33 am)….The day’s schedule will be D, A, C, B

H & E Exams on Tuesday, May 20th: Block H (7:49 am – 9:09 am) & Block E (9:13 am – 10:33 am)….The day’s schedule will be H, E, G, F

C & B Exams on Wednesday, May 21st: Block C (7:49 am – 9:09 am) & Block B (9:13 am – 10:33 am)….The day’s schedule will be C, B, A, D

       – All Teachers and Students will keep the same lunch schedule…”A Block” just           replaces your “C Block” class during this time (lunch).

       – “A Block” study hall, which meets down in the cafeteria, will be relocated.

G & F Exams on Thursday, May 22nd: Block G (7:49 am – 9:09 am) & Block F (9:13 am – 10:33 am)…The day’s schedule will be G, F, E, H

       – All Teachers and Students will keep the same lunch schedule…”E Block” just          replaces your “G Block” class during this time (lunch).

       – “E Block” study hall, which meets down in the cafeteria, will be relocated.

Tuesday, May 27th: Makeups

Students will simply report to class at its scheduled time that day and take the final instead of having normal class.

Heart, Pregnancy and Embryology Test

You will have a test on the heart, pregnancy and embryology case study and notes on Wednesday, 5/14/14.  You were given a list of goals and objectives in class.

A practice test has been put online and can be accessed at

The test is only for practice, although you must put in your name. Please use your real name when you take it so I can see how you are doing. You may take it multiple times.

As a practice test, it does not include all information that may be asked on the actual test. It should, however, be a good indicator the types of questions you will see and the bulk of the content.

You should also read the following pages in the textbook: pages 671(start with sequence of excitation)-675 (up to mechanical events)

In the end, you should know the pathway of the electrical signal through the heart and how to read an ECG/EKG. You should be able to explain what is occurring in the heart during the PQRST waves on the ECG/EKG.

Then read the section on page 677-678 “heart sounds”.

Answer the clinical application questions # 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 on page 689.

You should also know all of the information from the handouts given in class (heart conduction system, blood flow, blood vessels etc…)  You should be able to label the blood vessels (arteries) on the diagram. You should know all the pictured arteries for the test.

Have fun and study, study, study


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Torso Test

You will have a test on the material from the torso practical. The test will be short answer, not scantron.

Date:  Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Embryology 2014

Define the following: fertilization, gestation time, implantation, zygote, embryo, fetus, polar body, oocyte

Briefly describe the function of the following: acrosome, ovary, uterine tube, uterus, cervix, vagina, placenta, amniotic fluid

Read ‘A Closer Look’ on page 1068 and know the flowchart on page 1069. (contraception)

What are ‘Hox’ genes? Why are they important to study? What evolutionary significance do they have?

Read and outline pages 1096-1104.

Look at table 29.2 in your book (pg. 1097). Know the weeks associated with each of the items I pointed out in class.

Answer the Clinical Application questions #1-4 on page 1107.

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