Chapter 11 Neuroscience Reading and Questions

Use your textbook to complete the reading and questions I assigned in class, which I have summarized below.

1.  Read chapter 11 – there is a lot of good information in this chapter about how nerves work.  Give particular concentration to the items below.

  • Know table 11.1 on pages 371-372
  • Know the pictures on pages 379 & 385.
  • Know table 11.2 on page 387.
  • Know the neurotransmitter information in table 11.3 on pages 392-393
  • Know figure 11.22 regarding second messengers
  • Read the “Closer Look” on page 396-397 and answer the questions below.
    • How can the “wisdom of the body” and the way it responds to neurotransmitter like chemicals be related to antibiotic use/overuse?
    • Why is cocaine addictive? (How does it work?)
    • What is crack?
    • Can you see any problems with treating someone with Manzindol?
    • How does an overdose of Heroin kill?
    • Can you experience constant pleasure (for years), physiologically and psychologically?  Why or why not?

2.  Read pages 456-461 (in chapter 13) and take notes on the sensory receptors.

  • Know table 13.1 on page 459.

3.  Complete the study guide pages given in class.

4.  Answer the following Chapter 11 Review questions: MC #1,3,5,6,10,11;  SA #1,15,16,17,18,19,20,21; CA #1,2,3,4

This is due on Monday, 10/7/13

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