Firearms and Ballistics

Firearms Identification

Go to On the left side under ‘classroom’ click on student login. Use the log-in key I told you in class and type in your full name. Click accept. In the classroom area you (each individual) must complete the following tasks:

1. Complete the Cartridge Case ID-VCM (Test 1).  You must score a 75% or better. **
2. Complete the Firearm Identification quiz (50 questions) located here.  You must score an 80% or better.**  Use your real name on the page.  When you score an 80% or better, print the results page as proof and bring it to class to show me.
3. Complete the Bullet ID-VCM (Test 1).  You must score a 75% or better.**
4. Answer the questions below.

** – if you do not obtain the above scores you will receive a zero.  You may take the quiz/VCM more than once until you obtain the necessary score. This is an all or nothing assignment.

To answer the following questions you should read the information on the site. If you click on the Bullet ID-VCM link and the Cartridge Case ID-VCM link the resultant pages list several links to find the necessary information.

1. What does GRC stand for?
2. Give an example of a typical GRC.
3. Do firearms change much over time? Will the 300th bullet have the same marks as the 3rd bullet?
4. What two characteristics do they obtain from a bullet fired from a firearm?
5. What marks do they obtain from a cartridge or cartridge casing?
6. What is meant by a bullets caliber?
7. What is a cartridge?
8. Do all bullets fit in all cartridges?
9. Give 2 examples of named cartridges.
10. What is the difference between your two examples? (advantage/disadvantage of one over the other)
11. What is a rifling impression? What causes it?
12. Why does a barrel have rifling?
13. What are the raised areas between grooves called?
14. If you have a rifling pattern of 6 grooves, how many lands do you have?
15. Why would a firearm examiner use a water tank and how big is a typical tank?
16. What is a comparison microscope?
17. Where on the bullet are the best marks typically seen?
18. What is typically the biggest problem with making an identification of an evidence bullet?
19. What causes Impression Action Marks?
20. Describe what causes each of the 3 impression marks. Which is the most common?
21. Checkout the bullet through gelatin picture from my forensics page. What causes the funnel shape behind the bullet?

Due:  Tuesday, 2/18/14 (at start of class)

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