Forensic Job Listing

As a group you will research job listings for your assigned job title as well as find two more job listings for any 2 ’specialist’ we talked about in class and any 1 other job listing you find interesting. For each you will write down the educations requirements, other qualifications, salary and any other pertinent or interesting information. The assigned people are:

911 dispatcher
police officer
coroner/medical examiner

plus any two other specialists or forensic positions not listed above. (DA, detective, anything else you find)

For the specialists, try to find a ‘forensic’ version (forensic anthropologist).  If you can not then just use a ‘regular’ version.  Lastly, find one other related job that you may have come across during your research.  In the end you should have a total of 4 job listings.

Due: Wednesday, 9/18/13

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