Money Money Money

Individually, you should complete the correct answers to the Money Facts sheet.

As a group, you should recreate the ‘new’ $100 bill that the US government recently released.  You must follow the rules and use the paper I gave you in class.

You should label the bill with letters or numbers and create a key. These labels should point out the security and ‘additional’ features of the bill that are used to prevent counterfeiting.  You should have approximately 10-15 ‘features’ noted on the bill.

On the paper with the key, you must also explain how the ‘money pen’ that store clerks use to check for counterfeit money works. What it looks like if the paper is real or counterfeit and why it looks that way.

You can find links to resources here:

Due:  Thursday, 5/8/14 (period E) or Friday, 5/9/14 (period B)  at the beginning of class

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