Neuroscience Test and Video Question Sheets

As a table group, you will create one Google document and share it with me.  That document will include guiding questions for students while they are watching the HHMI Molecules & Memory videos.  You will create questions for parts 1, 3 and 4 (I already gave you questions for part 2).  You will include the answer to the questions directly under each question.  You should use your notes from the videos to determine what is important for viewers to answer and what is not.

Due: Wednesday, 5/7/14

You will have a test on Monday, 5/5/14 on the class notes and the 4 videos.  If you watched the videos and completed your homework assignment, you should be good for those questions.  So you mostly want to study your notes and any book reading assignments or handouts you were given.  The test will mostly be on the central nervous system.  Some example test items would include: parts of the brain and what they do, parts of the spinal cord, spinal reflexes, disease conditions, memory, etc…

Test: Monday, 5/5/14

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