Microscopy Lesson

Complete the following steps to learn more about microscopy.

  1. Visit this GSLC site to get a feel for size and scale on a cellular level. Want more of that action? Then visit the scale of the universe 2, a super-cool way to zoom in and out of the entire known universe.
  2. Visit the optics timeline to get a general idea of the development of lenses, microscopes and telescopes.
  3. Read about the concept of magnification to get a feel for what is going on inside the microscope to give you an image. Read down to the paragraph that starts with, "This case also describes the functioning of the now widely used infinity-corrected objectives." Be sure to play with the interactive Java tutorials to get a better feel for how lens magnification works.
  4. Read about human vision to see how the eye uses a lens to focus light and what happens if it does not work correctly. Be sure to know the parts of the eye, the difference between myopia and hyperopia (hypermetropia), and how to correct each.
  5. Take a shot at assembling a microscope in this interactivity.
  6. Go to this UD site to use a virtual scope to get a better feel for the parts of a compound light microscope and view several different slides. Once you are there, click on 'the virtual scope' link on the page.
  7. Go back to the fsu site to try various interactive java microscopes to see what the images look like from different microscopes. (be sure to try the 'scanning electron', 'magnifying', and 'confocal' scopes)
  8. Go to this uiuc site to view animations on light, electron, and atomic force microscopy basics.
  9. You can see a comparison between electron and light microscopes at the microbe hunter site. Definitely know this information comparing the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of scopes - they are very commonly used in biology.
  10. Finally, you can optionally download a very cool virtual microscope interface from the uiuc site by going here. Warning: it is a large download so you really need a fast internet connection.

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