Drugs at a Mouse Party 2014

Go to my neuroscience wiki page on drugs located here:


Complete the “lesson” links to learn how a neuron works, what happens at the synapse and how drugs affect this.  As an added bonus, the “Mouse Party” activity is pretty funny 🙂

Use the information from the site to create a table in a Google Spreadsheet with the following information: drug name, method of intake, how the drug affects the neurons in the brain, and how the drug kills you.  For example…  Cocaine, snort, inject or smoke, blocks dopamine reuptake receptors thus prolonging the effect of dopamine, stimulant increases heart rate and causes a heart attack or hyperthermia or brain damage. (but yours will be in a nice, neat table format)

Share that Google Spreadsheet with my tfleetwood charterschool email address.

Name the spreadsheet as follows: LastName FirstName Drugs Neuroscience E 2014a

Due: Tuesday, 10/14/14

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