Heart, Pregnancy and Embryology Test

You will have a test on the heart, pregnancy and embryology case study and notes on Wednesday, 5/13/15 (Tuesday 5/12/15 for D-period).  You were given a list of goals and objectives in class.

A practice test has been put online and can be accessed at

The test is only for practice, although you must put in your name. Please use your real name when you take it so I can see how you are doing. You may take it multiple times.

As a practice test, it does not include all information that may be asked on the actual test. It should, however, be a good indicator the types of questions you will see and the bulk of the content.

You should also read the following pages in the textbook: pages 671(start with sequence of excitation)-675 (up to mechanical events)

In the end, you should know the pathway of the electrical signal through the heart and how to read an ECG/EKG. You should be able to explain what is occurring in the heart during the PQRST waves on the ECG/EKG.

Then read the section on page 677-678 “heart sounds”.

Answer the clinical application questions # 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 on page 689.

You should also know all of the information from the handouts given in class (heart conduction system, blood flow, blood vessels etc…)  You should be able to label the blood vessels (arteries) on the diagram. You should know all the pictured arteries for the test.

Have fun and study, study, study


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