Eye Testing and Optical Illusions

http://cim.ucdavis.edu/EyeRelease/Interface/TopFrame.htm – Visit this site to practice with the “Eye Simulator” version 2.  Take notes on how damage to different muscles or nerves affects the movement abilities of the eye.  You will need to click on “Eye Movement Simulator”  You can also feel free to explore the pupil response simulator and the patient cases.  This site is very cool.

http://www.toledo-bend.com/colorblind/Ishihara.asp – Visit this site to take a test for color blindness. (Ishihara Test)

http://www.grand-illusions.com/opticalillusions/ – Visit this site to view various ways to fool your eyes.  Definitely try “An Intriguing After Image” on ‘page 2’.


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