Statistics and Microscopy Quiz

You will have a quiz on Wednesday, May 27 on statistics and on microscopy (parts, general use, determining total magnification, etc).  For the statistics part, given a scenario you will have to be able to determine the correct statistical test and choose an appropriate graph.  You will also have to be able to properly interpret the pertinent values for a given statistical test (e.g. p-value, R value).  You will not have to calculate the p-value, just be able to interpret it.

STEM Chapter 1 2014b

Read chapter 1 in the STEM book.  You will use this to start to generate possible ideas for your own research project.  Remember that you will be designing your own research project next year and continue that into your junior year.  This will help you start that process.

Answer the chapter questions on page 11.  For question #3, you should complete the Student Handout #1 on page 14 for each of your top three research ideas.  Therefore, in the end, you will have 3 different possible research ideas and 3 completed Student Handout #1 sheets (pg. 14) – one Student Handout for each idea.  Complete these in your notebook and bring them to class to be checked.

Due: Wednesday, 5/27/15 in class

Friday 4/24/15 Student Work

I will not be in school today.  I have listed below what each class should accomplish.  If you do not finish this material in class, you should complete it for homework.

  1. Anatomy
    1. Take quiz on organ functions.
    2. CompletetheHHMICariology Virtual Lab
      1. This can be found on the laptop under the Anatomy & Neuroscience folder on the ‘desktop’ – it works best in Internet Explorer
      2. This can also be found online here..
        2. You should try the laptop version first
      3. You will need sound for this so make sure your laptop has the sound working
      4. You can work in groups on one laptop
  2. ISR
    1. Complete the ‘Searching for Scientific Studies’ Google Doc
      1. For step 4 remember to input the question I assigned you in class
    2. Finish for homework if you do not complete it in class
  3. Genetics & Epidemiology
    1. Learn about DNA Fingerprinting and Gel Electrophoresis by going to my wiki page and completing the activities listed on that page
    2. You already did the karyotype activity listed in number 5, so you don’t have to repeat that
    3. Finish for homework if you don’t finish during class

Analyzing Alien Data

You should complete the analysis of the alien dataset as instructed in the Google document. You can determine the appropriate statistical test and graph to use for each question at home and then come to my room during activity period or your study hall to use the MyStat software.  You may use the Google Sheet I shared entitled Statistical Tests and MyStat Student.  You are assigned to work with one partner – you may not work with anyone else.  Asking other students besides your partner for help/answers will be considered cheating and greatly damage your grade.  If you need help, ask your partner and then ask me.

Due: Wednesday, 4/22/15 by 11:59:59pm

Study Designs

There are many different types of study designs, especially in the health-care field.  To investigate various ways to setup a study, as well as the relative strength of each method, you should go to

Read the article and take notes.  Make sure you understand the difference between observational and experimental studies in general and the differences between the types of studies described within each category of observational or experimental.

You will have a quiz on this material after spring break.

Graph and Statistics Practice

Use the class data file and the MyStat summary table in your Google Drive ‘class view’ folder to help you answer the questions in your Choosing Graphs and Statistical Tests Class Data Practice Google Doc.  For homework you should choose and enter the statistical test you would use for each questions and the type of graph you would use to visualize the data.  You will use MyStat to actually run the test and make the graph during our next class period.

Due: Monday, 3/30/15 11:59:59pm

Google Statistics and Graphing Test

Test Friday, 3/2/15, using Google Sheets to calculate various descriptive statistics and create associated graphs. I created a practice test and shared it in your Google ISR folder.

You should also finish the Google Docs Gettysburg Activity part 1 by Wednesday before class.  If you need the MyStat software to answer any questions you can come to my room during activity period on Tuesday.

The Normal Distribution

When measuring a particular variable in a population (e.g. weight), you would expect a certain amount of variation throughout the population.  You could calculate the mean and then use the standard deviation to describe the ‘spread’ of the data away from the mean.  You could also plot the data using a histogram to show the frequency distribution of the variable across the population.  That histogram will take on a certain ‘shape’ depending on how that particular variable is distributed.  A very common shape is one called the ‘normal distribution’.  The normal distribution is the classic bell curve.  You have already seen various types of distributions on the stattrek website when you looked at patterns in data.  You should now read more about the normal distribution and standard deviation here:

You can skip the sections on ‘Standard Scores’ (z-scores) and ‘Why Standardize’.

You should try to answer the 10 questions at the bottom of the page to help you better understand the types of questions you can answer about a population when you know the mean and standard deviation.

You should complete this and the Graphing with Google spreadsheet before class on Tuesday, 3/10/15