Fitness Linked to Smartness

A recent scientific study has found that cardiovascular fitness is associated with overall intelligence and academic achievement.  Yet another reason why children should get exercise everyday, such as phys. ed. class in school.  Read more, or listen to the podcast, here:

Its Your Turn Games

You must sign up at using the directions given in class.  You must challenge me in a game before Sunday, 9/21/08.  You must choose one of the specific games in the instructions given in class.

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Welcome 2nd Semester Class

Welcome to Critical & Creative Thinking.  On this blog you will find assignment information and other ‘stuff’.  There will also be links posted on my Critical Thinking webpage.

For example, you must have the syllabus contact/contract information filled in and returned by Friday, 1/25/08.

Also, remember to sign up at and complete the assignment there.  You will have weekly assignments at, so be sure to keep up with them!  I will not continually post reminders about those, since they are repeated weekly.

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